Creative andinnovative, like our clients Creative andinnovative, like our clients

Creative and innovative,
like our clients.

IBERBRAND® is a specialized intellectual property firm that combines a remarkable background and experience with a fresh approach to the IP law practice in Mexico and Latin America, dealing with both Industrial and Intellectual property matters.

Based in Mexico City, we provide strategic advice for protecting, maintaining and enforcing your IP Rights in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are specialists in advising how to register a trademark. Our experience will help you to successfully register your trademark, obtain your patent or copyright in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean as well.


A new vision A new vision

A new vision

IBERBRAND® is conformed of trademark and patent attorneys, experienced litigators, strategic IP portfolio managers and technical advisors that work as a team to achieve the best results and satisfy every client needs. We not only register and protect IP, but we work with you to effectively empower your IP and where necessary, fiercely enforce your rights.

We are specialists in registering your Intellectual and Industrial Property rights before the Mexican Trademark Office (IMPI), National Copyright Register (INDAUTOR) and all other competent Authorities.


We are not bound by the old rules, criteria, structures or ways of doing business and achieving objectives. Based on the knowledge gained over the years of practicing IP, the constant training and approach to the Authorities, we are committed to providing the most efficient services in Intellectual Property prosecution while maintaining the highest standards. We also provide creative strategies for managing portfolios and successfully enforcing your rights. The results are cost-effective solutions that allow you to maximize the potential of your IP.

Innovative Thinking

We know that the results are what matter and that our adaptability and flexibility are essential. Our thinking out of the box and creating solutions rather than dealing with problems is what makes us different. It is our belief that there is always an alternative and we can always find a way around to achieve the Client's satisfaction and our own professional pride even in the most complicated cases.

Your partners in IP in Mexico
and throughout Latin America

We understand that dealing with multiple agents can be challenging and sometimes even overwhelming. Taking advantage of our Latin roots, language, multiplicity of friends and acquaintances and the knowledge of how Latin American markets work, we are able to comfortably manage your portfolio in Mexico and Latin American countries so that you can take a breath. We have developed a strong and professional network where we trust our Partners like we trust ourselves and make sure that the qualifications and level of compromise matches ours.

If you are looking to register your trademark or protect your invention in Latin America or the Caribbean, we are your alternative. Not only we can take care of the protection but we can also enforce rights in these jurisdictions.

We invest our best resources to save our Clients time and efforts in having documents formalized and having portfolios spread out to different agents.